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One of the most important items in and on your house is the Door. Here at JB GLAZING we supply and fit numerous styles to your home to suit your need and budget.

Our most popular type of door is a Rockdoor. With them being the most secure door on the market you wouldn't want to protect your home with anything else. Here are some pictures of Rockdoor's that have been installed recently for our customers:

You can design your very own rockdoor by clicking this link 


The eyes of the! We can supply and fit many styles of windows to suit the look and feel of your home. One of the main factors to take into consideration when thinking about new windows, is how energy efficient they are. We can supply energy efficient glass to keep your home warm and lower the cost of energy bills.

Here are some before and after pictures of a customer that have windows recently fitted by us:









If you are wondering what an orangery is, it fits in the gap between a conservatory and a first story extension to your home. An orangery has more of a brickwork structure compared to a conservatory that has primarily glass structure and a polycarbonate or glass roof. There are many benefits to having an orangery such as cost effective compared to a traditional extension, energy efficient, looks fantastic, creates more living space and also adds value to your home !


As we are not tied down to one supplier we are able to provide a vast range of styles which other companies can't ! We will source everything that is needed for the build but you have the hardest job of all sitting down with a cuppa' and choosing what you want. 


Very much like orangeries, conservatories are a cost effective way to add more space to your home but they do come with a drawback. With the structure of the conservatory being glass they do mimic the outside weather. In summer the conservatory will take in a lot of light which may seem like a good thing but then the conservatory starts to become like a greenhouse. The same in winter, the conservatory will become too cold to stay in or you will need to put additional heating in there.

If you have an existing conservatory or thinking of having a new on, we can provide a way to increase the use of your conservatory to all-year round. Please see the section below Solid Roofs.

Solid Roofs

A solid roof is a brilliant addition to your conservatory orangery. These can be fitted to existing extensions or can be chosen to be fitted to new ones. They make your extension feel like just another room in your home. Solid roofs can provide cost saving benefits to your conservatory or orangery. Below are some images of one of our jobs which was replacing an existing polycarbonate roof with a solid roof.

Garage conversions 

If you have a garage and want to convert it into another room for your home, we can do that for you ! We will handle all that is involved with converting the garage from handling the additional brickwork to the new electrics. This is a brilliant way to add more room and value to your home.

Other Services

Apparent from the big services that have been mentioned above we also cater for smaller jobs such as lock changing, cladding and dry verge. If what you are looking for has not been listed, contact us via email or telephone and we should be able to help you out. 

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